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Shipping Options

*Delivery to Canada is temporarily unavailable

If you live out of the area and would like your kitten delivered to you, we have a few great options:

White glove delivery- Where available. Your kitten will be hand carried on a confirmed flight and we will meet you at your local airport near baggage claim or curbside. The cost of this service is $675 for 1 or 2 kittens within the United States. The price includes airfare, carry on kitty fees that airlines charge & an airline approved carrier for you to keep.

Flight Nanny- We can arrange for a pet flight nanny service (Pet Jet Pals) to hand carry your kitten on a flight and meet you at your local airport.  Flight nannies fly standby so you must be very flexible, days or pick up times can change. The nannies communicate throughout the trip. The cost of this service is $500-$550. 

Prices vary to international locations. 

Ground Transport- Our kitty transport charges $1.85 per mile to deliver your kitten/s by car or to meet you part way.


**We are also happy to meet you at Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati airports free of charge if you are flying in to pick up your kitten. We provide an airline approved carrier for your trip.**   


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