For families who do not wish to wait years for our kittens, we can import kittens from our trusted breeder friend/partner cattery in Europe. These kittens can also be registered with TICA and receive a 2 year health guarantee through our cattery. They come with everything our kittens do and have the same blood lines as many of our own kittens. The kittens are 14- 16 weeks old when they arrive.
Below are kittens we have available now.   Please send us a text or email if you would like more information on them.

This adorable boy from Europe is 5 months old and as sweet as can be. He loves playing with cat nip mice, cuddling on the couch and Churu cat treats.  He is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, registered and has a 2-year genetic health guarantee.  He is $2500 and ready to go home anytime.

IMG_5215 2.HEIC

Meet Raymond! He was born on 4/27 and is looking for his forever family.  He is a little shy but in a charming way.  He makes you earn his trust but once you do he is such a loyal and cuddly guy. He has that sought after slightly darker coat.  He is $2500 and ready to go home at any time. 


This litter of ALL GIRLS is scheduled to arrive from Europe in early October.  They are spayed, microchipped, registered and fully vaccinated.  They have a 2-year genetic health guarantee as well.  They can go home anytime after October 10th. They are $2950.  Please contact us for individual photos of any kitten you might be interested in.  

IMG_5073 2.heic

This is guy from Europe was born on May 15th and has a very similar personality to his brother.  He is a snuggle bug, playful, curious and adorable!  He is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and has a 2 year health guarantee through our cattery.  He is $2500

IMG_5206 2.HEIC

This handsome boy from Europe has some seriously beautiful green eyes for being only 4 months old. He is playful, confident and very smart.  He loves treats, feather toys, getting any type of affection and attention.  He can go home at any time.  He is $2800


This 6 month old Russian White boy born in our home is incredibly affectionate.  He is more like a puppy than a cat, always wants to be with you, follows you around and loves to cuddle. He is confident, doesn't know a stranger and loves feather toys and playtime. He can go home anytime after September 3rd. He is neutered, microchipped and comes with a 2 year health guarantee. He is $2600