russian blue breeder
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We do not currently have Russian Blue kittens available. Please click here for information about joining our waiting list.    

We DO have 3 rare purebred Russian White kittens available! All 3 are boys. They are $3600 or $3800 for odd-eye (one blue one green).








Kittens are fed a high quality diet which includes Orijen Kitten & Royal Canin "Mother & babycat" dry food, Wellness Brand wet food, cooked chicken, farm fresh quail eggs, salmon and other fresh whole foods. Optimal nutrition is so important for growing kittens and cats in general. We believe that excellent nutrition during pregnancy and the early life of our kittens sets the foundation for a lifetime of good health.  In addition, our kittens are allowed to naturally wean from their mother. They are never separated from her.

We ensure early and plentiful socialization. The babies are spoiled, tiny members of our family until they leave for their forever homes. 

Kittens go home fully litter trained and trained to use a scratching post. We are dedicated to raising healthy, happy & well socialized kittens that will easily transition into their new families. Kittens will come with their TICA registration papers, kitten carrier and nursery blanket. They will be up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and they are spayed/neutered prior to going home around 12-14 weeks old.

russian blue kittens
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