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Preparing For Your Kitten’s Arrival  


Please make an appointment with your veterinarian to get your new kitten established.

Your kitten might be scared of his new environment for the first week or so. Up until now, their world has been very small. It is extremely important to provide him with a small room to call his own for those first few days home.  A bathroom, spare bedroom with no hiding spots or laundry room work well.  Place his bed, food/water and litter box in this room. Visit him in the room and let him venture out as he feels comfortable after the first few days.  When you go to bed or leave the house it is best to keep him in the room provided for the first week.  This will ensure that he feels safe and knows where the litter box and food/water are located.

Introduce kittens to other animals very slowly and supervise all interactions for at least the first week. The first few interactions should be with the kitten in his or her carrier.  Let them smell each other through the carrier and through doors until they seem more comfortable.  Continue to supervise interactions until they are completely comfortable around each other.  Treats and praise for both animals can be very helpful during the introduction. This process usually takes a few days for other cats and up to 2 weeks for other dogs depending on the dog’s personality and prior experience being around cats.  The kittens will not harm other cats or dogs.  They will run and hide if they are afraid. This transition is usually much easier than anticipated but please contact us if you have any specific questions.  

Mild diarrhea and loss of appetite are stress induced and normal for the first 72 hours after arriving home.  Mild sneezing may also occur due to change of environment. They will resolve within a few days.    

Your kitten will need his teeth brushed twice per week. You can purchase a tooth brush and toothpaste at any pet supply store. Please do not use toothpaste meant for people as this will cause an upset stomach.

Our kittens are used to eating Tiki Kitten food  (Links below). They also enjoy cooked, unseasoned shredded chicken and salmon as a treat. We typically sprinkle the chicken or salmon on top of their canned food at dinner time.  Our feeding schedule is 1/2 can (3oz) of wet food in the morning and the other half can of wet food in the evening.  Unlimited dry food is left out all day for snacking until the kitten is 12 months old.  Sticking to this schedule for the first week will reduce stress in your kitten.

If you will be changing food or feeding schedules we recommend doing it slowly to reduce stress and upset stomach.

We highly recommend Dr. Elsey’s brand Cat Attract litter for the first few weeks home.  If you will be purchasing a Litter Robot, you can use this link for $25 off your purchase 

$25 off link

Our kittens are trained to use a scratching post and have been taught not to scratch furniture. Please purchase a sisal rope type scratching post and offer treats when you see your kitten using it.  If the kitten does scratch anything else, firmly tell them no and bring them immediately to the scratching post.


Bathing is not necessary. Cats are naturally very hygienic animals however bathing does reduce allergens and may be helpful if you suffer from allergies.  If you do plan to bathe your kitten, use a mild soap specifically formulated for kittens.  You can also wipe your kitten down with a damp washcloth daily to reduce allergens.  If you plan to brush your kitten, please use a very soft silicone type brush.  Metal type brushes will remove their silky top coat and can be painful.  

  Ribbons, strings, Nerf bullets, small styrofoam balls or anything styrofoam, raisons, avocado peels,  balloons and rubber bands can be dangerous for kittens.  Please keep anything that a kitten can swallow in a safe place.  

Essential Oils are extremely toxic to cats. Even a small amount can kill a kitten.  Some houseplants and flowers are toxic to cats. There are many safe options for flowers and houseplants, please research or ask us about any plants you have before bringing your kitten home.

Recommended supplies to purchase before bringing your baby home:

*Chewy links for food, litter and other products the kittens are familiar with are listed below. Just click on the name of the product and it will take you directly to it. The links are affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you use them.*

Tiki Baby Cat Kitten Kibble

Tiki Baby Cat Canned food

Tiki Kitten Pouches

Litter Robot

Litter Robot Auto feeder

Blue BuffaloTreats

Greenies Treats

Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Litter

Drinking Water Fountain

Scratching Post

Cat Bed

Favorite toys-


Ball Tower

Squeaky Mice

Nail Clippers

Cat Tooth Paste


If you have any questions or concerns before or after bringing your kitten/s home please do not hesitate to contact me with a phone call, text or email.  

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