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Our Girls


Queen Verus Virtus Floria


Anna is a beautiful cat with a super light silver coat.  She is a wonderful mother and loves to give kisses.  She is such a cuddly and affectionate girl. 


Queen  Mouse of Royal Blues

Mouse is a smart and affectionate cat. She has a cute, playful personality.  She got her name because she loves to carry toy Mice around with her. 

Princess Mini Mouse of Royal Blues

She got her name because she is literally a mini me of her mom, Mouse.  She is gorgeous and sweet as can be.  She loves to give affection and is great mom.

Princess Molly of Royal Blues (Retired)

Molly  is a character. She loves to play fetch or chase. She is very smart. She opens doors and initiates tag with the kids and other cats.  She is the house babysitter. She absolutely adores kittens and spends as much time with them as she can. At the end of her busy day she loves to cuddle. 

eZy Watermark_29-10-2020_01-54-54PM.HEIC

Queen Mallory of Royal Blues

Mallory is a very loyal cat, she has her favorite family members and wants to be around them all the time.  She loves to cuddle and loves her treats! She is a beautiful girl with a very light silver coat. 

IMG_5448 2.jpg

Queen Genevieve of Royal Blues

Genevieve  "Jenny" is a love bug. She is probably our most dog like cat.  She loves fetch, chasing kids and cats, and is always on someone's lap.  She also loves to stare out the window looking for birds outside and makes a funny chirp sound when she sees one.  She has amazing green eyes that she inherited from her dad, Felix. She is a great cat and a loving mama to her kittens. 


Queen Blue Fanta Faina 


Yara is a sweet and affectionate cat with a very light silver coat. She's calm, loves our dog and loves to cuddle up and watch TV.  She really does watch it :)

She's a great mom to both kittens and human kids. 

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