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Sample contract

Royal Blues Cattery LLC

Sarah Fosnight

(937) 726-3622


Kitten name__________________ 

Date of Birth__________ 


Microchip #______________

Sire________________________       Dam_______________________

Name of buyer__________________  Phone number of buyer __________

RoyalBluesUSA Cattery (seller) agrees to sell the kitten listed above for a total price of $_______

Kitten is a purebred Russian Blue registered through The International Cat Association also known as TICA. Kitten comes with showing rights but not breeding rights. Registering your pet kitten yourself is not necessary unless you want to participate in cat shows but if you choose to do so, transfer fees are paid by the new owner. To register your kitten, visit the website and use the registration number that came on your TICA breeder slip.  _____

Buyer agrees that the kitten will be an indoor cat, properly cared for, receive veterinary care as needed and not be caged except for short periods when necessary. Buyer agrees to provide the kitten with high quality food, sanitary living conditions and a clean litter box.  The kitten will be treated as a member of the family. _______

Russian Blue cats are low on the allergy scale and some people with allergies to cats do not react to Russian Blues but we cannot guarantee that you or someone you know will not have a reaction. You need to be prepared to manage any allergy symptoms that occur.  You may not return a kitten or receive a refund because of an allergy. We make no guarantee as to the color, coat or personality characteristics of your kitten.   We strongly discourage de-clawing of the kitten for many reasons. Please research declawing, it is very painful and can even cause aggressive behavior. Kitten shall not be declawed unless there is a medical reason to do so.  ________

Although slight, there are risks associated with having a kitten shipped.  The seller will not be held responsible for any harm incurred during the shipping process when kitten is not in the seller's care. The seller is not responsible for any illnesses contracted during travel.  _______

Health guarantee:

The kitten is guaranteed to be in good physical health, parasite free and up to date on vaccinations on the date the kitten was received by the buyer. Buyer has 72 hours to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian or provide a date of the first veterinary exam.  Failure to do so voids the 72 hour  health guarantee. Until the kitten has been examined by a veterinarian, he or she needs to be kept away from all other animals.  If any serious congenital defect is found by the veterinarian during the initial exam performed within 72 hours then buyer must report this to the seller immediately. Congenital defects do not include "innocent kitten heart murmurs" (low grade murmurs). Heart murmurs are somewhat common in young kittens of all breeds and they are almost always outgrown by 6 months of age.  In the rare case that something serious is found by the veterinarian within the 72 hour period then the seller is responsible for replacing the kitten with another kitten of equal or greater value as soon as possible. If a replacement kitten is not available within 1 year, then seller agrees to reimburse buyer the sale price of the kitten.  Kitten is guaranteed to be free of fatal congenital defects for 1 year from its date of birth. If kitten is found to have any fatal congenital defect within the year period then seller agrees to replace the kitten within 1 year. Seller has the right to request a second opinion from another licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense.  If kitten dies suddenly then a necropsy report performed by a licensed veterinarian must show that the cause of death was related to a congenital condition. Buyer is responsible for all fees relating to obtaining a necropsy report.  If a congenital defect was found to be the cause of death then seller agrees to replace the kitten within a period of 1 year. If there is not a kitten available within 1 year then seller agrees to reimburse buyer the sale price of the kitten

Common illnesses and conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections ("Cat flu" HSV-1 & Feline calicivirus, corona virus,  ect.), eye infections, fleas, FIP, parasites & GI viruses are NOT included in the 1 year health guarantee. These infections can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding practices.  The kitten should not be administered the rabies vaccine at the same time as any other vaccines. Kittens are at increased risk for adverse reactions or death if the rabies vaccine is given at the same time as other vaccines.  If the rabies vaccine is given at the same time as other vaccines  and the kitten dies within 10 days of said vaccines then the health guarantee is void. Kitten shall not receive the Feline Leukemia Virus vaccination. This vaccine has been proven to increase the odds of developing cancer in cats.  No cash refunds.  Seller is not responsible if the kitten dies of a virus from being exposed to another cat not from RoyalBluesUSA cattery. Under no circumstance will any veterinary bills incurred by the buyer be reimbursed by the seller. _______  _______

Buyer agrees that kitten will not be sold, leased or given away.  Kitten is expected to be a permanent member of the family. It is not unusual for Russian Blues to live beyond 15yrs old.  They are generally a very healthy and hearty breed.   If for whatever reason buyer can no longer keep the kitten/cat then the seller gets first right of refusal. ______

In signing this document, buyer and seller acknowledge that he or she fully understands all of the terms and conditions listed above and agrees to abide by them. 

Buyer ____________________________________________          Date_____________

Seller _____________________________________________        Date______________

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