About Our Cattery

We're an active family with 5 kids living just outside of beautiful Dayton, Ohio. I'm Sarah, the caretaker of the kitties/ owner of Royal Blues Cattery and the person you will talk to if you contact us.  I'm also a nurse. We live on a 13 acre mini-farm and love the lifestyle! We love animals of all kinds but our hearts belong to the Russian Blues. We learned about Russian Blues years ago when we were looking to get a family cat.  We were sad to discover that our son was allergic to cats. Then we learned about lower allergy breeds and happened upon Russian Blues.  Their personality traits seemed like a perfect fit for our family. Thus came about our first pet Russian Blue, Toby. We fell in love with the breed and the rest is history. We love being able to offer families these amazing cats while working to improve the breed. All of our kittens are born and raised inside our home and are a part of our family until they are old enough to join their new families.  Because of the active household environment they're born into and loads of attention they get, our kittens & cats are very adaptable and outgoing. They are great for any lifestyle!