Why are the kittens spayed or neutered before going home? 

All of our babies are spayed or neutered before going to their new homes for several reasons. 


  • We like to manage their recovery.  We are able to monitor the kittens 24/7 and know the warning signs to look for during the recovery process. 

  • Spaying or neutering at an early age is easier on a young kitten than it is on an older cat.  Young kittens have a thinner layer of fat on the abdomen than older kittens/cats which makes the surgery itself quicker/easier and the incision healing time faster (thus decreasing the chance of infection). Kittens shed anesthesia much quicker than adult cats. Within 15 minutes after the surgery young kittens are typically awake and starting to play. Older cats take longer to arouse and often require much stronger pain medication. Young kittens are very resilient and heal quickly. Within a day, kittens are completely back to normal, playing, eating and unfazed by the surgery. The hardest part is trying to make them take it easy. 

  • Spaying or neutering early eliminates the risk of a kitten developing a bad habit of spraying.  Once kittens reach 4-6 months old they enter puberty if not spayed/neutered and often spray to mark their territory as a result. Sometimes this habit is impossible to break.

  • Having our kittens spayed or neutered prior to leaving our home decreases the chance that our kittens end up in the wrong hands.  We would never want our babies to be a part of a kitten mill or bred unethically. We want our kittens to go to forever, loving, pet homes and we feel that early spay/neuter gives them the best chance at obtaining this.   


Why do you not allow visits to your cattery/home?

We do not allow casual visits due to health and safety concerns for our cats and family.  Young kittens are susceptible to germs.  Their immune systems are not fully developed so we like to keep their exposure to a minimum. We of course welcome all new families picking up kittens. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but health and safety are top priority. 

How much do your kittens cost and what is included in the price? 

Our kittens are $2500.  This price includes tax, spay/neuter, vaccinations, any other veterinary care required, microchip, health guarantee, contract, TICA registration papers and a kitten welcome home kit which includes a kitten carrier for the ride home, complete health record, nursery blanket, familiar toys, samples of food and a few other goodies.  

Shipping/delivery is not included.